The Absolute Qiviut store may be new but we are not ! We are formerly Cottage Craft Angora mill, trading under the name cottage craft angora for close to 15 years. Because we no longer manufacture Angora rabbit yarns we thought it time that we changed the name to reflect the main products we manufacture & retail…..100% Qiviut-musk ox yarns & knitwear.

The rich, soft feel of our quality knitting yarns and knitwear will make you fall in love with one of the finest natural fiber blends. Qiviut is wool shorn from the inner coat of the musk ox and harvested without harming the animal. It makes for an incredibly warm clothing material, perfect for cold winters. Cottage Craft Angora offers multiple ways to enjoy this fine quality knitted fiber. We sell bundles of yarn in various fabric blends, all of which include qiviut. We also sell fabric patterns for knitting enthusiasts who want to make their own qiviut hats, scarves or mittens. Our customers can also purchase finished clothing if they want to enjoy this exclusive yarn as part of their wardrobe. It’s tough to find a better price on qiviut, one of the world’s most expensive fabrics. Feel free to browse our website and see all of our options. Contact us today for more information about our qiviut and musk ox yarn clothing for sale.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Adstock, QC:

  • Qiviut Sweaters
  • Qiviut Hats
  • Qiviut Mittens
  • Qiviut Gloves
  • Qiviut Blankets
  • 100% Qiviut Yarns

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Last Updated December 23, 2023

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