Founded in 1980, AgriMetal has become a leading manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment. In the early years, AgriMetal specialized in the manufacture of farm machinery but divested itself of this division in 2000 to concentrate solely on developing products for maintaining green spaces. Building dairy equipment for 15 years was a valuable lesson in durability that carried over into the manufacture of turf equipment. Dairy equipment must be designed to be used twice per day, 365 days per year.

AgriMetal’s first turf product, a straw blower for landscaping, was introduced in 1985. This product was innovative because the full bale of straw could be placed in the machine at once, resulting in considerable labor savings for the operator. At present, AgriMetal’s product development department continues to research the market seeking niche products needed by turf professional’s. Collaboration with you, the end user, and made us successful. Please contact us if we can help

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Wickham, QC:

  • Snow Blowers
  • Snow Blades
  • Leaf / Debris Blowers
  • Greens Rotary Brush
  • Fairway Aerator
  • Core Breaker
  • Greens Roller
  • Leaf & Debris Collector
  • Multi-Vac
  • Straw Mulchers

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