Dennis Horseradish is owned and operated by two farm families.  Neighbors actually, that have lived next door to each other for five generations and counting.  You could say that our horseradish is the product of literally over a hundred years of friendship.

Our horseradish plants are all children of the same remarkable root that has been making eyes water since the 1960’s.  And while the growing and harvesting techniques have tweaked, our varieties have expanded, and our processing methods have been improved, Dennis’ has maintained the same commitment to quality.

At Dennis’, we control the entire process from end to end, ensuring only the finest root and ingredients end up in everything we make. We harvest, process, and bottle each jar ourselves to guarantee we produce only the hottest and best horseradish in the country. Headquartered in Delhi, the heart of Ontario’s Garden: Norfolk County, everything remains local. Root is now grown by Lindsay Menich and Drew Patterson, family farmers in nearby Teeterville, who are committed to ethical farming and to continuous innovation.

The brand and product portfolio have grown over time, and the focus on excellence, with a bit of an edge, has never wavered.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Norfolk County, ON:

  • Original Prepared
  • Prepared Hot
  • Extra Hot Creamed
  • Suicide Jalapeno
  • Beet Relish
  • Hot Mustard
  • Hot Pepper Creamed
  • Seafood Sauce

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