Gourmaïs Popcorn makes an extraordinary popcorn. You will find a wide variety of sweet and savory flavors. Your taste buds will enjoy our caramelized, chocolatey, fruity or seasoned popcorn as much as our traditional butter popcorn. Carefully sorted by hand, you won’t have popcorn crumbs in your packaging! You will be able to see that the freshness and quality of Gourmaïs Popcorn products because they are priorities. And the customer service is just as exceptional because whatever your order is, it will be treated with great attention and heart.

Gourmaïs Popcorn is a young company specialized since 2012 in the manufacture of several original flavors of caramelized and seasoned popcorn. The freshness and quality of our products are our priorities. Our production is artisanal, which allows us to personalize each of your requests. However, serving over a hundred customers on a regular basis, we also have the capacity to respond to large production efficiently and quickly.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Saint-Hubert, QC:

  • Gourmaïs Sweet Flavors
  • Classic Savory Flavors
  • Wedding and Event Popcorn
  • Corporate Popcorn
  • Popcorn for Fundraising

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Last Updated December 8, 2023

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