At Headwaters Canoes we craft well built and durable; our canoes are a working craft ideal for anyone from the recreational paddler to the serious canoe tripper. It is our goal to provide you with a safe, enjoyable journey. Our canoes are strong, seaworthy, exceptionally responsive to the paddle and soothing to the human spirit. They are for people to use seriously, whether paddling at the cottage, or travelling remote rivers and lakes of the North.

We operate on a cycle akin to the school year. In the fall we do all our milling of wood and make all our parts for the next year. This is also “research and development” time, when new jigs and techniques are tried and shop maintenance undertaken. From late autumn until spring we repair and build. In the spring we do all the painting, varnishing and finishing and, by late June, are winding down.

In July and August we close the shop and go paddling for the summer. The search for good wood sources continues all year round.

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Made In Gatineau Hills QC:

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