Heavenly Hot Packs is a family run business based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The business started in November of 2013. That month, the founder of the business, Tina, had posted one photo of a hot pack she had made on social media. Based on that one photo she had over 300 sales that month, hired her family and the business was born. Tina came up with the name Heavenly Hot Packs, feeling that the angels and heavens had directed her on this journey, the venture into branding the business began.

Here, we take pride in offering customers exceptional service, as well as knowing that all of the business tasks are done in house and nothing is outsourced. Cutting, sewing, fabric selection, marketing, trade shows and all other tasks required are done by one of us.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Edmonton, AB:

  • Rice Heating Packs
  • Rice Heating Bags
  • Rice Reusable Hand Warmers
  • Rice Neck & Shoulder Heating Packs

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