Knurl Design – We found our niche is combining our two great passions, woodworking, and the outdoors. Growing up near the mountains is something that was so normal to us that we almost took it for granted. They are unbelievable things, a realization that became increasingly evident as we began creating mountainscape wood pieces. The stories people would share about the mountains they wanted us to capture, and the reason that particular area was meaningful to them, was a stark realization of the effect these marvels have had not just on our own lives, but on those of anyone who has spend time in their midst.

We capture them in a piece that brings a part of the area, and the moment, home in a way that can be enjoyed in a timeless game of cribbage with friends and family.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Cribbage Boards
  • Tables
  • Custom Designs

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Last Updated January 29, 2024

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