It was in the spring of 2016 while getting ready for a Florida vacation, that Koffee Beauty founder Estelle Doiron decided to finally address her annoying skin condition. She suffered from Keratosis Pilaris, (extremely dry skin causing red bumps behind arms and legs) and to her many attempts, never found a solution that worked. With extensive research, Estelle found that a Coffee Scrub would be the solution she was looking for. This brought a whole new set of challenges: no products in stores, minimal natural products online, none made in Canada and most had coffee as the last ingredient on the list. Out of desperation, she made her own. Two weeks later her bumps were gone. After telling all her friends – they tried it too. It worked on their eczema, old scars, stretch marks, acne and other common skin conditions – that is when Koffee Beauty was born.

Koffee Beauty was founded on the concept of helping people fight common skin conditions, without having to make it yourself. The perfect combination of raw, natural ingredients – beautifully packaged and accessible to all households. From day one this Canadian entrepreneur’s mandate is to create fun experience with a product that works.

Koffee Beauty
Owned In: New Brunswick

Made In Moncton, NB:

  • Coffee Scrubs
  • Candles

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Last Updated December 8, 2023

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