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Canadian Made Kindling Cutters

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South River, ON

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The Beaver Lever Beginnings – In 2008, my family and I left the city and moved to a small town in rural Ontario. My wife, Marilyn grew up exclusively with wood heat and we decided to install a small wood stove in our new home. While we love our stove, its small size meant that I had to re-kindle a fire most mornings. I could never have enough kindling and I often found myself splitting kindling outside in the cold.

This need sparked the idea for a kindling cutting tool that I could use to cut kindling as needed right by my wood stove. Fortunately, my cousin and co-inventor, Rob Loucks, who is a machinist and industrial designer shared my vision! After countless hours of designing and head-scratching, our invention came to life in the form of The Beaver Lever Kindling Cutters made in Canada!


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