The concept for Pueblo Chili Co was born in 2013 when the founder, Raquel Vigueras, was in graphic design school at VCAD in Vancouver. It was in a second semester conceptualization class where Raquel was tasked with developing a solution to a design problem in an industry of her choosing. Raquel chose the hot sauce industry, and took a non-existent brand from concept to brand identity, to packaging design, to marketing. She was hooked from the start.

Owned In: Saskatchewan

Made In Regina, SK:

Chili sauce Flavors:
  • Black Garlic
  • Chile De Arbol + Tamarind
  • Chipotle Lime
  • Chipotle Lime Seasoning
  • Coconut Mango
  • El Clasico
  • Ginger Garlic + Gochujang
  • Grapefruit Ghost
  • Habanero Smoked Sea Salt
  • Herby Pineapple
  • Jalapeno Lime
  • Scorpion Lemongrass
  • Smoked Peach
  • Smoked Peach Reaper
  • Smoky Berry
  • Tex Mex Chili blend
  • jViva Chile

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