Alfred Cloutier’s history and expertise is told in every stitch of every shoe we’ve ever made. Since 1938, the company has designed, manufactured, and distributed a wide variety of footwear—everything from boots to shoes to slippers to moccasins. Indeed, Our company boasts over 75 years of superior craftsmanship, mastering every step of the shoemaking art. Across cultural shifts and changes in fashion, each generation has explored new materials and manufacturing techniques to design beautiful footwear that is attuned to the times and customer needs.

Alfred Cloutier’s commitment to beautiful and innovative shoes continues today. Our R&D, design, and production facilities located both in Quebec City, Canada and abroad allow us to craft high-quality footwear. Our teams remain commited to providing footwear that is envied everywhere and chosen above all for its fashionable style and uncompromising. Most of our footwear is still manufactured by our artisans in our Quebec City factory, at the same location where it all started in 1938. Discover our unique styles of winter boots and slippers for women and men and enjoy true Canadian craftmanship.

Discover our Flipgripz technology with retractable cleats available on most Alfred C. winter boots or unwind in style in Zerostress slippers.

Step into great footwear. Step into Alfred Cloutier.

Alfred Cloutier
Owned In: Quebec

Made In Quebec City, QC:

  • Winter Boots
  • Moccasins
  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Sandals

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